Jake Paul posts "fake" DM from Love Island's Molly-Mae and it's just so random

21 May 2021, 13:11

Jake Paul tells Tommy Fury his firlfriend Molly Mae Hague slid into his DMs

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jake Paul!? Love Island's Molly Mae!? Now that IS a surprise.

Jake Paul has alleged that Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague slid into his DMs after her boyfriend Tommy Fury challenged him to a boxing match.

Basically, Tommy has been itching to fight the YouTuber turned professional boxer for a while now. However, he recently kicked it up a notch requesting the help of his brother and heavyweight champ Tyson Fury and basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal to challenge Jake to a fight.

Jake then savagely mocked Tommy in a video shared on social media. He said: "I don't know if you just saw that last video but the desperation is seeping through the pores of the Fury family. It is quite embarrassing, the heavyweight champion of the world is on Instagram talking about Jake Paul begging me to fight his brother.

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Jake Paul posts "fake" DM from Love Island&squot;s Molly-Mae
Jake Paul posts "fake" DM from Love Island's Molly-Mae. Picture: @jakepaul via Instagram, @mollymae via Instagram

"Listen Tommy, focus on your fight that is in a couple of weeks that no one even knows about by the way. This video will be the biggest promotion for your whole entire fight. Find an opponent. You're literally picking someone to fight you in three weeks who hasn't even been training. Fight someone real, do a real pay-per-view and then maybe we can talk. The last guy you fought was 0-9. The people you've fought in total have a combined record of 15 wins, 250 losses."

He added: "You come looking for me in Miami to try and find me in a gym. You know damn well I'm not in Miami, I'm in Puerto Rico. If you want to pull up here I will gladly beat the fuck out of you. Tommy, you fight for $100,000. You have some ladders to climb before you get to my level unfortunately my friend. I'm not talking about this anymore, peace out, fuck you guys."

He finished his message by bringing up Tommy's girlfriend Molly-Mae. He continued: "Oh and one last thing Tommy. You should be more worried about your girl sliding into a bunch of dudes DMs than you should be about fighting me."

He then shared an alleged DM from Molly-Mae which dated back to 2018, before she appeared on Love Island series 5 in 2019, where she met and started her relationship with Tommy. It read: "Might be coming to America later this year and have always been a fan of your videos. Maybe you can show me around?!"

Molly-Mae has now hit back on Twitter insisting the DM is Photoshopped. She tweeted: "Times must be hard when you’re having to fake a DM… Photoshop is scary."

Molly-Mae's alleged private message
Molly-Mae's alleged private message. Picture: @jakepaul via Instagram

So… what's the truth? Well, Fiat 500 Twitter has risen to defend their Queen and gone into full-blown FBI mode. Molly-Mae fans noticed the white heart emoji used in the private message was not created until 2019 – one year after the DM was supposedly sent…