Instagram introduces new Suggested Posts feature and the internet hates it

21 August 2020, 17:35

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe


Shortly after introducing us to Instagram Reels, Instagram's new TikTok-esque feature, the social media platform are now bringing us Suggested Posts, allowing users to see grid posts from Instagram accounts that they don't follow.

The Suggested Posts feature was rolled out on Thursday (Aug 20) and it shows up when you've scrolled to the end of all the new content from the accounts you follow. When you reach the end, a banner reading "You’re All Caught Up" should come up and then Instagram will give you the option to see Suggested Posts or "View Older Posts".

Unlike the Explore page, Suggested Posts will be more tailored to content that they already follow. For example, if you're interested in space, a suggested post may be a new space photo from someone you don't follow. However, the Explore page might contain posts related to a broader subject relating to space like physics.

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Everyone hates the new Instagram Suggested Posts feature
Everyone hates the new Instagram Suggested Posts feature. Picture: Instagram, VH1

The section will also include adverts giving Instagram more ad space ($$$), but no Reels or IGTV videos. "I think for us this really came from a vision a couple years ago around people really seeing feed as a place for their interests, and with the improvement in machine learning and our ability to kind of make it easier for you to see some more of those posts that are on Instagram every day, and really bring that personalised relevance to you," said Julian Gutman, Head of Product at Instagram Home.

"So we just want to make it really easy for people to see that [relevant content] when they get to the end of their feed. That’s really the motivation here, make it easier for you to go deeper on your interest."

How do you get rid of Instagram's Suggested posts?

Erm, sorry, but you can't actually disable Instagram's Suggested Posts feature. "Note that you won’t be able to hide Suggested Posts," Instagram's help page reads.

As you can imagine, the internet absolutely hates Instagram's latest update.

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