Instagram influencer Tiffany Mitchell denies staging motorbike accident for sponsored content

21 August 2019, 17:34

Tiffany Mitchell addresses speculation she staged Instagram motorcycle crash photos for sponsored content
Tiffany Mitchell addresses speculation she staged Instagram motorcycle crash photos for sponsored content. Picture: Tiffany Mitchell Instagram
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

After being criticised for seemingly posting a photoshoot of her recent motorcycle accident, Instagram influencer Tiffany Mitchell has denied that the post was sponsored by Smart Water. Smart Water also says there was no sponsorship deal in place.

Tiffany Mitchell, an influencer based in Nashville, Tennessee, has denied staging a motorcycle accident after being called out for posting professional looking crash photos to her Instagram.

Tiffany, who has 213k followers on Instagram, responded to speculation this week that she had included sponsored content for a water brand within a series of images taken after her July motorcycle accident. Smart Water has since denied to Buzzfeed News that there is a deal in place with the influencer.

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The photos in question ignited an online debate about the appropriateness of a photoshoot after an accident and why the influencer was not pictured wearing a helmet. Plus, you know, the really weird placement of her bottle of Smart Water.

Tiffany Mitchell motorcycle accident
Tiffany Mitchell motorcycle accident. Picture: Buzzfeed News/Tiffany Mitchell Instagram Screenshot
Tiffany Mitchell Instagram influencer
Tiffany Mitchell Instagram influencer. Picture: Buzzfeed News/Instagram Screenshot

People soon began questioning all the unusual elements of the situation.

On Tuesday 20 August, Tiffany took to Instagram Stories to address the controversy, specifically questions about why photos of the accident were taken and posted in the first place.

In a series of posts, Tiffany said that she and her friends had already been snapping photos on the day. She also explained that her photographer friend didn't start taking photos until it was clear that she was okay.

"The reason there were photos taken," she said. "Me and my friends had been shooting for fun all day. There was no brand work being done at all."

"No photos were taken until everyone knew that I was okay. I was resting."

Tiffany explained that the water was brought to her and she responded to questions about why she was pictured without a helmet. The influencer said that she'd removed the helmet after the accident and after she was sure her neck was okay.

Tiffany also directed fans to videos taken after the accident that show her with scrapes on her arms and waist.

Tiffany Mitchell Instagram Stories
Tiffany Mitchell Instagram Stories. Picture: Tiffany Mitchell Instagram Stories

The original post has since been archived after garnering attention.

H/T: Buzzfeed News