What is the cupcake on Instagram? The notification explained

4 February 2022, 09:59

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Instagram users are reporting a strange cupcake notification appearing when they open the app…

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Instagram are known for testing out new features to improve the app experience for its users, however, people have started complaining about a mysterious cupcake notification on the platform.

Recently, Instagram introduced a brand new "@silent" feature that allows you to send "silent" direct messages. The platform then brought back chronological feeds for the first time since 2016 after constant complaints about the muddled algorithm.

However, the new cupcake notification doesn't appear to be an exciting new feature. So… what is it? Here's what we know.

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What is the cupcake notification on Instagram?

What is the cupcake on Instagram?
What is the cupcake on Instagram? Picture: Instagram, CBS

On Monday (Jan 24), multiple Instagram users, who all appear to be from the US, started to report a strange message had appeared on the platform.

The message contains a cupcake symbol in Instagram's trademark colours. Beneath the cupcake is a text box that reads "Not Now". However, some are reporting that even after selecting "Not Now" the message doesn't disappear.

The cupcake symbol usually crops up around your birthday but because it's now appearing all the time for some users, many have wondered if it has a hidden meaning.

Instagram has not issued a statement about the cupcake notification but it doesn't appear to be associated with a new feature or have a secret meaning. It's highly likely that it's a glitch, which no doubt Instagram are working to fix.

In the meantime, if you would like to clear the cupcake symbol it might be worth closing the app and then opening it again, deleting it and then downloading or logging out and then logging back in again.

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