Everyone has the same freckle on their wrist and the internet is freaking out

29 May 2019, 16:06

Girl with freckle/shocked wire guy meme
Everyone has the same freckle on their wrist and the internet is freaking out. Picture: Twitter:@Freyyx/HBO
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This is, um, bizarre.

It's official, we're not quite as unique as we think we are – we're all clones. According to the scientists of the internet, every woman has a freckle on their right wrist in the exact same spot. Seriously, check...

The internet is arguing over whether you should wash your feet and eww

Someone on Twitter pointed it out, tweeting: "ladies..... u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao," and of course, soon everyone was checking their wrists and sharing pictures of their own freckles too.

But where are these little marks coming from and why are they there? Well, one explanation is that it's all because of the sun.

Freckles are small brown patches patches on the skin, which are usually formed as a result of an overproduction of melanin (a dark brown or black pigment) on one spot of the skin.

If you naturally have dark hair, eyes and skin you're more likely to mostly produce eumelanin and are less likely to develop freckles. But, if you have lighter hair, eyes and a fairer complexion you usually produce mainly pheomelanin and therefore you're more likely to have freckles.

When your skin is exposed to the sun it activates the production of more melanin, hence a tan, which can make freckles become darker. And because areas like the wrist are often exposed to sunlight, our bodies are producing melanin in one place – our wrists.


That's just a theory, though, no-one is 100% sure if this is why everyone's got a matching freckle. And why only women? Whatever the reason, it's pretty damn wild.

It's not just limited to your wrist either…

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