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21 January 2022, 17:36

Coming Out Chats artwork
Coming Out Chats artwork. Picture: PopBuzz/Global Player

By PopBuzz

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Need a new podcast recommendation? PopBuzz has got you covered, babes.

Today (Oct 1), PopBuzz is proud to launch a new podcast called Coming Out Chats. In this podcast series, two special guests will be paired together each week to talk about their coming out journeys.

Featuring an eclectic and influential array of notable LGBTQ+ people, the format will see two guests – who may know each other, or it might be the first time that they’ve ever met – have an honest and revealing conversation to discover an important part of how they became the trailblazers that they are today.

Listen and subscribe to Coming Out Chats here:

Coming Out Chats podcast artwork
Coming Out Chats podcast artwork. Picture: PopBuzz/Global Player

Find links to each episode below:

Episode 1: NoahFinnce and Meet Me @ The Altar

Episode 2: Lawrence Chaney and Victoria Scone

Episode 3: Shon Faye and Travis Alabanza

Episode 4: Dorian Electra and Chester Lockhart

Episode 5: Peppermint and Jackie Cox

Episode 6: NoseBleedFitz and Charlie Craggs

Episode 7: Glyn Fussell and ABSOLUTE

Episode 8: Mia Berrin (Pom Pom Squad) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (Softcult)

Episode 9: Jodie Harsh and L Devine

Episode 10: Cheryl Hole and Jack Guinness.

PopBuzz managing editor and Coming Out Chats creator, Woodrow Whyte, said: “By showing how all coming out stories are unique, and that there is no ‘right way’ to come out, my hope for Coming Out Chats is that it will give LGBTQ+ youth some confidence and reassurance if they are thinking of coming out or have come out recently. I also hope it will provide all listeners with a sense of community and connection with LGBTQ+ people of all different backgrounds and experiences. The guests have been so generous and honest about their journeys, and each story is so different. It’s been such a joy to amplify these stories and I'm so grateful to everyone who took part. I can’t wait for people to listen.”

‘Coming Out Chats’ is available on Global Player and wherever you get your podcasts.