Hand washing memes are going viral after Coronavirus advice

9 March 2020, 13:15

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

COVID-19 cases are rapidly growing, and following advice from the NHS and WHO, the internet has responded to hand washing instructions with a bucket tonne of memes.

Coronavirus has already made this year the most dramatic we’ve had in a while, and despite the fact that the chance of getting the illness seems to be rapidly growing, naturally, the internet is still finding a way to make it seem absolutely hilarious.

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The latest culprit? Hand washing. The UK and US governments have been offering extensive guides on how to wash your hands (as if people don’t do it ten times a day), and have recommended using the power of song to get you through the 20 seconds it requires to kill all that lovely bacteria.

Coronavirus memes are taking over the internet with advice on how to wash your hands being circulated.
Coronavirus memes are taking over the internet with advice on how to wash your hands being circulated. . Picture: Getty Images/Twitter

Because the NHS is a public service, unfortunately Doja Cat wasn’t on their recommendations list, but ‘Happy Birthday’ seems to do the trick. Except, it’s not anyone’s birthday, and who are you supposed to be singing ‘to’ when that part comes around? We need answers here.

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The prospect seems to be making a lot of us with #firstworldproblems uncomfortable, so Twitter has come through with song suggestions to wash your hands to, and we can absolutely get behind all of them. 

Soap at the ready…

Want to try it for yourself? Get your Spotify out and pick a song, because one Twitter user (albeit, an icon for this), has created a website that generates your favourite song lyrics into the perfect 20 second hand-washing poster.

Oh, you're in the mood for Post Malone today? You can have Post Malone. In fact, you can have whatever song you want providing the lyrics are on Genius, and can be instantly generated to print out.

While admittedly we've spent all day putting the most obscure songs into the generator, it's a great way of encouraging people to wash their hands. BRB, got some Stupid Love listening to do...