QUIZ: Which meme should you dress as for Halloween?

17 October 2019, 09:41

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

SpongeBob, Area 51, and Kombucha girl memes prove you have TONS of options for Halloween meme costumes.

It's been a boom year for memes and, with Halloween fast approaching, you'll no doubt need costume ideas for that spooky party you still haven't RSVP'd to. SpongeBob memes have gone viral this year as have the aliens STILL waiting to be rescued from Area 51. Kombucha girl owned summer 2019 and, sorry to Dick Cheney, but Keke Palmer is an icon.

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Based on how you answer these questions, we think we've got the perfect idea for your internet inspired 2019 Halloween meme costume. It's quiz time...