The Internet Turned This 'Guy Hanging Up Video' Into A Hilarious Meme About Actors

8 October 2018, 16:26

Noah Centineo Tweet
Picture: Netflix/To All The Boys I've Loved Before/expiredprecum/Instagram
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Hugh Jackman when he's offered a role in a movie without singing..."

It's easy for actors to slip into a comfortable niche when it comes to their choice of roles. Once a performer finds an archetype they're fond of, fans tend to notice quickly. Twitter users have combined a popular meme of a guy shutting his toy flip phone with the gentle roasting of actors who do the same types of roles over and over again and the jokes are perfection.

The hilarious original video, by popular Instagram account expiredprecum, has inspired some amusing and spot-on observations and memes about your favorite actors.

Scream queen Sarah Paulson knows what she wants.

And don't act like Sarah Paulson's AHS screams aren't legendary.

Ms Zendaya said no thank you to problematic casting practices.

Hugh Jackman's agent: h-
Hugh Jackman: but is there singing?

Noah fence, but Hugh Jackman has a beautiful singing voice and he should be proud.

Sebastian Stan with the emotional deaths.

Noah is actually Netflix's boyfriend. Not the internet's.

Noah is doing the Netflix movie boyfriend challenge and, so far, he's crushing it.

Don't let Benedict see this (but's true).

Do Sherlock and Dr Strange not have the same energy?



It must be exhausting to be Christian Bale preparing for a movie role.

Stefani said 'you better run me my EGOT'.

Consistency is 🔑.

A movie set in 2018? Saoirse said 'i'm good luv, enjoy'.