Woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair may sue the company after traumatising incident

9 February 2021, 11:39

Tessica Brown goes viral after Gorilla Glue hair accident

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Tessica Brown claims that Gorilla Glue's packaging and labels are misleading.

Tessica Brown is reportedly considering suing Gorilla Glue after she used their glue spray on her hair.

Last week (Feb 3), Tessica Brown went viral after she revealed in a TikTok video that she had used Gorilla Glue as hairspray and that it had glued her hair stuck. Gorilla Glue is a permanent, moisture-resistant adhesive designed for fixing furniture and flooring. However, Tessica assumed that it was real hairspray after running out of her own Got2b glued hairspray.

Tessica revealed that she washed her hair over 15 times and that it didn't budge at all. Since then, she's received medical treatment at a hospital emergency room. They gave her nail polish remover to use on it at home. However, as it stands, there's no word yet on whether it has worked or not and Tessica's looking to sue Gorilla Glue over the incident.

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Woman who put Gorilla Glue in hair may sue the company after traumatising incident
Woman who put Gorilla Glue in hair may sue the company after traumatising incident. Picture: @im_d_ollady via Instagram

TMZ reports that "Tessica's hired an attorney and is weighing her legal options against Gorilla Glue." According to the news site, Tessica is planning to sue Gorilla Glue over how unclear their packaging is. They claim: "The label on the product she used says do not use on eyes, skin or clothing ... with no mention of hair, which Tessica feels is misleading."

Gorilla Glue have since made a statement. They write: "We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. We are glad to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best."

They also state: "This is a unique situation because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent. Our spray adhesive states in the warning label "do not swallow. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing."

It's currently unclear if Tessica will go ahead with her case but, in the meantime, we hope that she manages to safely remove the glue and protect her scalp. She's currently raised over $13,000 in a GoFundMe for any medical treatment she requires.