Glee's Sue Sylvester is going viral thanks to the toxic environment meme

30 November 2020, 17:48

The official trailer for the final episode of Glee ever

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Sue Sylvester's reign of terror over the New Directions will never end.

I think we can all agree that Sue Sylvester. And now the iconic character from Glee has become an equally iconic meme, thanks to a screenshot from an old episode that has gone viral on Twitter.

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, Glee aired from 2009-2015 and was one of the most popular shows on television at the time. The musical comedy followed high schoolers navigating their way through adolescence while spontaneously breaking into song at any given opportunity.

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Glee's Sue Sylvester toxic environment memes
Glee's Sue Sylvester toxic environment memes. Picture: FOX

Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, was the coach of the McKinley High school Cheerios cheerleading club, and she wanted to destroy the school's glee club, the New Directions, and their teacher Will Schuester.

She bullied kids every day with her hysterical put downs, but she could be strangely endearing and often spoke the truth, which made her more likeable despite being the villain.

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At the end of June, Twitter user @elmotumbokon tweeted a screengrab from Glee, which has a picture of Sue at her desk saying the line: "I am going to create an environment that is so toxic"

Similarly to the Gossip Girl 'go pee' meme, people are blanking out certain words and adding their own to create their very own Sue Sylvester toxic environment memes, and they are so goddamn funny.

Facts are facts.

Where is the lie tho?

I think we can all agree Britney Spears.

I'll take two packs of jaffa cakes and a packet of cigarettes please.

Remember when we all planned on using our lockdown time productively? Nope, me neither.

Then the meme turned on its own creator, cast and fandom. No one is safe.

Don't shoot the messenger.

And I oop-

Then the memes got weird.

Intelligent design believers be like:

10/10 tweet right here ⬇️

UPDATE (NOV 30): The meme is going viral again, so here's some of the funniest memes from the more recent harvest.

And that concludes our meme round up. Have a lovely day.

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