15 girl explaining memes that are so niche they're actually god tier

19 August 2022, 16:34

Keke Palmer brings the “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” meme to life

Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

Another iconic meme for the ages

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What’s one meme that’s engraved in the internet’s brain? The iconic Milk Edinburgh club photo of the guy shouting in the unimpressed-looking girl’s ear.

Now, there’s a new meme on the block that might just be 2022’s answer to that legendary photo.

This time, the roles have been reversed as the photo depicts a couple at a music festival — an over-enthusiastic woman shouting loudly into a bored guy’s ear while gesturing off into the distance.

According to knowyourmeme.com, the photo was taken in 2019 and the pair were a couple at the time.

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Girl Explaining Meme / Mamma Mia
Girl Explaining Meme / Mamma Mia. Picture: Social media / Universal

The girl, Argentinian Denise "Denu" Sanchez, spoke to the site about the origin of the meme and what was really going on in the snap.

She explained that another girl was taking a photo and Denu and her ex-boyfriend was behind them and not initially meant to be the focus of the photo. Denu also confirmed that she wasn’t explaining anything to him, she was singing along to the band that were on the stage at the time.

The meme first circulated around the internet in Argentina in 2019, but it wasn’t until recently that it blew up and gained widespread attention.

“I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realised the huge number of people who saw it! It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it's me.”

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