Gabbie Hanna fan breaks into her home amid worrying TikTok videos

25 August 2022, 13:04

Gabbie Hanna says she’s found heaven on Earth

Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

Police visited Gabbie after receiving an "influx of calls" from people worried for her safety.

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A Gabbie Hanna fan broke into her home while she posted over 100 worrying videos to TikTok within 24 hours.

The bizarre posts began on August 23rd when Gabbie Hanna shared a clip claiming that she was going to save the world. From there, the videos were incoherent and centred around heavy topics such as religion, the universe, death, conspiracy theories and mental illness. Fans and followers became increasingly concerned as the social media star appeared to show signs of a psychotic break.

LAPD sources told TMZ that the disturbing videos led to an influx of calls from people worried about Gabbie's well-being, and asking for officers to go and check on her. According to the outlet, she greeted officers at her door and chatted for a few minutes before officers called for a psychological evaluation team. From there, medical professionals had a long chat with Gabbie and determined she didn't pose a threat to herself or anyone else, allowing her to remain in her home.

Prior to the visit from the police, a stranger claiming not to know Gabbie entered her home under false pretences, asking to use her bathroom. It was later revealed that they had found Gabbie’s address online.

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Gabbie Hanna fan breaks into her home amid worrying TikTok videos
Gabbie Hanna fan breaks into her home amid worrying TikTok videos. Picture: Jeff Kravitz / Contributor via Getty Images, @gabbiehanna via TikTok

The stranger, known as Nick, can be seen in multiple of Gabbie’s videos and is seemingly encouraging her bizarre behaviour. He proceeded to film Gabbie’s house and search through her medicine cabinet.

In one video, Gabbie explains that her friend had texted her, showing concern for her as she had let Nick into her home. "I told [my friend] that I was going to go on a run for a guy who just showed up at my house, and was just feeling a little lost, asking to use the bathroom, and now we are going to go on a run together." Gabbie’s friend responded by saying: “Gab — listen to me now — get that man out of your house."

A little while after, Gabbie then became aware that Nick knew who she was and kicked him out of her home. “By the way Nick, I know you know who I am,” she says. “Why did you lie to me this whole time?” When Nick begins to question Gabbie about her medication, she screams, "get the fuck out of my house now. Now. Now."

After he departed Gabbie’s home, Nick went live on his own TikTok page to justify his reasons for visiting Gabbie’s home, claiming he was “trying to help her” and “get her to eat something".

The internet has responded to the situation, with the majority backing Gabbie and saying that what Nick did was wrong. "That random Nick guy taking advantage of Gabbie Hanna’s mental health crisis and lying to her to hang out in her house is wild. She should probably file a restraining order." one person wrote.

Another said: “nick is scary as fuck I hope Gabbie is ok. HOW DO U PLOT ON FINDING SOMEONES ADDRESS AND ASK TO USE THEIR BATHROOM TO GET IN YOU KNOW SHES NOT IN THE CORRECT HEADSPACE UR SO WEIRD!! This is actually so so terrifying.I hope she gets the correct help. And I hope he goes to JAIL [sic]"

As it stands, Gabbie hasn't said anything further about Nick, the police or her mental health situation. We shall update you if she does.

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