This guy tried to "mansplain" what a 'labia' is and people are dragging him

29 March 2019, 16:01

Fashion Nova bodysuit/Kris Jenner on the phone
This guy tried to "mansplain" what a 'labia' is and people are dragging him. Picture: Fashion Nova/E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It's time for a little biology lesson, fellas.

Men policing women's bodies is nothing new but this one really takes the cake. A man commented on an article written about an outrageous Fashion Nova bodysuit and tried to give a lesson on the female anatomy.

You'd have thought he'd learnt after the internet called out a man who insisted women only needed seven tampons per period, but obviously not…

So, Fashion Nova – home of the insanely high-cut bodysuit – released a bright red latex version and it's probably one of their most daring looks yet. Basically, it's cut right up to the armpits leaving a lot of, um, space uncovered down below.

A Jezebel writer published an article on the piece, titled: "I Really Want This Fashion Nova Bodysuit That Will Only Cover 15 Percent of My Labia."

It said: "This red pleather bodysuit will probably give me a labial wedgie. It may result in a trip to the gynaecologist. It may literally have to cling on for dear life upon a single labium majus.

"But any resulting irritation or yeast infection from this little 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex number would be 100 percent worth it, if only to complete the look with this pair of matching red pleather pants."


Well, one reader wasn't too happy with the sarcastic tone of the article, or the fact that she had "wrongly" used the word labia and decided she needed schooling.

"It seems you need an anatomy lesson. Labia are not the entirety of the groin," he explained. "Whereas I can see where you are trying to compensate for the idea that the vagina is the totality of female genital, this is a little beyond what is necessary."

He added: "So you have a big labia. Great. Keep it to yourself. Do you want me talking about the size of my dick big or small?"


FYI, the labia are the inner and outer folds of the vulva, commonly referred to as the lips. So, yeah, unsurprisingly she was right.

And as if the hole he dug himself wasn't already bottomless, the clueless commenter decided it was time to attack feminism.


"A problem with feminism in this sense is that it tries to bring women to the level of men by acting like men," he continued.

"Be a woman, not like a man. I think we would agree that what we've seen over the past couple thousand years and been of recorded history is that men are/can be total shit. Don't be like us."

Needless to say, women rose up and dragged the commenter for filth.

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