An enormous baby has gone viral on TikTok and everyone is obsessed

22 April 2020, 15:01

Gavin, or as the internet has dubbed him, 'big baby', is actually three years old.
Gavin, or as the internet has dubbed him, 'big baby', is actually three years old. Picture: Kat.072 via TikTok
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Gavin, a three year old from the Midwest of the United States has gone viral, after his mum posted TikTok videos of him playing - and the internet dubbed him the world's most enormous baby.

You only have to open up any social media app right now to be greeted with a viral video of the 'enormous baby' - who, as it turns out, is actually three years old.

Gavin, who was accidentally made famous by his Mum on TikTok when she began posting clips of him, has attracted the internet's attention for his baby-like features, but they're a little...bigger than you'd expect.

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Naturally, the tot has quickly become the latest and greatest meme, in particular, after one clip of him in a diaper jumping on his dad.

His Mum, who goes by @kat.027 on TikTok, originally began posting just days ago, after her 16-year-old son suggested that the platform was all the rage, and was actually shocked when her videos of little Gavin began gaining an unusual amount of attention.

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Now he's everywhere, and while he's loving the attention, she wants to make it clear that people should be careful not to direct hate at a child that can't even stand up for himself.

In an interview with Insider she said: "People can be cruel. There's no need to have this distasteful bitterness that a lot of people have. We have thick skin, we're raised tough, so I didn't let it bother me. I was kind of like 'That's mean,' because it's a baby."

We agree, and while it's important to remember that he's just a baby, everyone has also been cheered up by some of the best memes...

Gavin was only 6 pounds and 15 ounces when he was born, but is surrounded by a family of 6'2 men, which explains his unusually long limbs, and the family even think he could grow up as a basketball player. But hey, it's gained him 30,000 followers in just three days, so who cares? He'll be an influencer before then.

And while Mum Kathryn says he's happy and healthy, she also admits that his height is spurting past the growth chart at doctor. A tall king.

We can't wait to see more big baby content.

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