22 hilarious Encanto memes that are even more iconic than We Don't Talk About Bruno

11 January 2022, 12:29

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Your eldest daughter isn't fine; she's listening to Surface Pressure from Encanto on repeat"

Have you seen Encanto yet? If you haven't you're truly, truly missing out.

Disney's latest animated film has truly taken over the internet – and the music charts – thanks to its incredible story and iconic soundtrack. After being released on Disney+ on December 24th, Encanto quickly became a hit, with viewers falling in love with the Madrigal family. The soundtrack has even become the first film soundtrack to hit No. 1 on Billboard's 200 albums chart in more than two years.

From all the tweets about Dolores, Antonio, Luisa and the rest of the Madrigal family, to the reactions to the absolute BANGER that is 'We Don't Talk About Bruno', here's all the best and funniest Encanto memes.

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All the best Encanto memes
All the best Encanto memes. Picture: Disney via YouTube, Tweet via @MicaBurton

First of all, I would die for Antonio Madrigal.

Isabela Madrigal supremacyyyyyy.

Mirabel, go get the power saw...

Everyone looking at the cracks in their ceiling after this: 👁👄👁

Luisa Madrigal, you will ALWAYS be famous.

Friends fear she's listening to 'Surface Pressure' again.

Dolores is – and I cannot stress this enough – an icon, a legend and FOREVER the moment.

We DO have to talk about Bruno, actually.

And that song? Give it ALL the awards.


We need more Camilo in Encanto 2. (There's gonna be an Encanto 2, right?!)

Mirabel would never!

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