Emma Chamberlain is being called out for selling $60 coffee

6 January 2020, 17:16

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Emma Chamberlain should be ashamed. $60 bags of coffee grounds in bags are a scam."

Emma Chamberlain has received criticism from fans for the pricing of her new coffee range, Chamberlain Coffee. In December, the YouTuber launched her own coffee brand, which includes branded mugs and, of course, coffee.

In case you didn't know, iced coffee is kind of Emma's thing and she has shared a recipe tutorial on how to make her signature cold brew on YouTube.

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Emma is selling steeped bags, which are basically compostable tea bags filled with fresh coffee grounds. A pack of 30 will set you back $60, while the coffee and travel mugs come in at $35 and $45 retrospectively. Both come with 10 of Emma's steeped coffee bags.

Emma Chamberlain attends Time 100 Next at Pier 17
Emma Chamberlain attends Time 100 Next at Pier 17. Picture: Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic, emma chamberlain via YouTube

In a YouTube video announcing her new business venture, Emma revealed why she chose to launch her coffee brand – and shared her updated cold brew recipe. "I've always struggled to make good coffee at home. My goal with this is to give people a way to make coffee easily," she said. "It actually tastes good."

The coffee seems to have received positive reviews on YouTube, but some are commenting on the price. While it works out $2 per coffee bag (cheaper than Starbucks, we suppose), to make Emma's signature cold brew, three bags are needed. When you factor in shipping costs ($20 for an international customer) and you're having multiple a day like Emma says she does, you could be whizzing through a lot of cash.

Another issue people seemed to have is not knowing if the coffee is fair trade or not. Fair trade coffee is given a label to certify that it has been made through ethical methods, ensuring coffee bean farmers are treated fairly, the growing is sustainable and there is no child or forced labour. Whilst Emma emphasised that her coffee is all eco-friendly, there isn't information on if its fair trade or not.

Soon, Emma's fans began demanding answers on Twitter.

Alas, the coffee connoisseurs out there insisted that the price wasn't actually too bad at all.

Now, she's been the subject of a pricing scandal before. In 2018, Emma was called out for selling a pack of three scrunchies for $25. Emma explained that she was not responsible for the pricing of her products, which reportedly sold out within 29 minutes.

Watch Emma's coffee video here.


Emma hasn't spoken publicly about the pricing of her coffee and her publicist declined to comment when asked by Buzzfeed News.

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