Drake 'Ooo wow' memes are going viral thanks to the 'No Guidance' video

29 July 2019, 16:35

Drake in 'No Guidance' video, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.
Drake in 'No Guidance' video, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Picture: YouTube via ChrisBrownTV, YouTube via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

These Drake memes are just too accurate.

Drake is probably one of the most memeable rappers in the business. Remember when his 2015 track 'Hotline Bling' provided us with several memeworthy moments? Or, what about the memes spawned from his infamous 'God's Plan' music video? Well, Drake is finally back with some fresh meme content and the internet truly thanks him.

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The clip in question is taken from Chris Brown's 'No Guidance' video featuring Drake. In the nine-minute clip, the former love rivals have a huge dance battle, with both of their crews egging them on from behind. Drake is definitely the star of the music video, putting his Degrassi: The Next Generation acting skills to good use.

Watch the 'No Guidance' video here.

Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake

"Ooo wow, Chris Brown, dancer extraordinaire," he teases, before pulling some rather questionable moves. "Whose time is it now though?" Now that exact moment has become a meme and it fits with pretty much any situation.

We all know one...Good! For! You!


Cool, see you on Instagram Stories in two minutes.

Sure Jan.

Oh wow.

So impressive, would you please do it again?

We're really trying out here.

Too soon?

In conclusion, Drake is the meme King and we have no choice but to stan.