DIY wax nose jobs on Instagram are the latest viral beauty trend

15 November 2018, 14:38

DIY wax nose jobs Instagram viral trend
Picture: Instagram/screenshot/@nurlianna/@cittaf
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The fascinating transformation are similar to a viral Asian make up trend that has people using tricks and tools to change their appearance.

Drastic beauty transformations are all the rage among talented make up artists and visual fx artists. We highlighted an Asian make up trend recently that saw young women using various tricks and tools to completely change the appearance of their features.

One tool that many of these artists swear by is scar wax. If you haven't seen these scar wax transformations pop up on your Instagram explore page yet, we'll give you the run down.

Beauty content creators are changing the shape of their noses with scar wax, a tool commonly used by visual fx artists for theatre and screen productions. With the wax, you can create scars and skin imperfections as well as mold your nose to change up its shape.

This tool can come in handy if you're playing a character in a play with really pronounced features (like a witch with a pointy nose or even someone with a large facial scar).

The most commonly cited scar wax brand is Ben Nye.

The look is essentially achieved by smoothing the wax over your real nose while creating the bridge and shape you're after. Some tutorials advise using vaseline to smooth out the lumps and bumps in the wax.

After using a stippling brush to replicate the skin's natural textures, you can then go in with your normal foundation and contouring routine.

Now, this is definitely not a technique someone would reasonably incorporate into their every day beauty routine, however, it does seem like a lot of fun for people who like playing around with make up and learning new techniques.

The fun part comes at the end when these transformations are broken down with a tool that peels away the wax. We're not gonna lie, these are so fascinating to watch.

Of course, above all else, we should love our features and appreciate our unique and beautiful appearances. However, we want to try this out for the absolute skill it takes to make this look realistic!

Visual fx artists and hobbyists have been doing things like this for years but it's interesting to see the technique break into mainstream beauty.

What do you guys think? Do these at home "diy nose job" transformations fascinate you as much as they fascinate us?