The dancing emoji man meme is the definition of wholesome

7 February 2019, 13:55

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The dancing emoji man meme perfectly sums up you hearing your favourite lyrics.

2019 is off to a solid start for memes. The "no one" crossing the road meme will have you looking both ways and the new "pinching hand" emoji is guaranteed turn everyone in your group chat into a total savage. Your new favourite meme, however, involves a dancing man, iconic lyrics, and some immaculate emoji usage. People are incorporating their love of unforgettable song lyrics with well crafted emoji bodies and, well, the result is the iconic dancing emoji man meme.

Sometimes the dancing man is wearing a cowboy hat and jamming to Fleetwood Mac.

And other times the dancing emoji man is getting down to Drake.

The dancing emoji man meme is performing easily recognisable dance moves like "the whip" and "the nae nae". The dancing emoji man also gets emotional at times, which definitely sums up your reaction when a song really hits.

The eye roll, sobbing, and weary emojis all get a turn in this hilariously emotional meme.

The dancing man, clearly couldn't resist Bass hunter.

Or The Killers...


C'mon Celine Dion!

I said Louis Tomlinson Twitter do you know this f*cking song?!

If the dancing man likes 5SOS then he has good taste.

The dancing emoji man is... a Radiohead fan.

I'm... cryin'

The dancing emoji man is clearly a fan of early 2000s pop rock.

Like, a big fan of it.