YouTuber Daisy Marquez denies staging 'paranormal activity' caught on video

2 December 2019, 15:25

Daisy Marquez arrives to the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards, Daisy on Twitter.
Daisy Marquez arrives to the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards, Daisy on Twitter. Picture: Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank, @daisymarquez_ via Twitter
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

In the clip, Daisy's door starts opening by itself whilst she's filming a tutorial in the bathroom. She has also made YouTube videos about being "haunted" in the past.

YouTubers are known for pulling pranks and faking things for views. Case in point, when Paige Ginn and Chelcie Lynn pulled off an elaborate gender reveal that saw Paige fart blue powder. But, Daisy Marquez is saying what happened in her video is 100% real. The YouTuber caught some spooky paranormal activity on camera and the internet is so confused.

On Tuesday (26 November), Daisy shared a skincare tutorial video on Twitter that appears to show a door opening on its own. Daisy was reviewing the products in her bathroom, when she stopped mid-sentence as the door slowly swung open. Daisy – who has 1.3million YouTube subscribers – stared down the stairs and hallway but no-one was behind the door pushing it. The makeup artist looked confused and eventually turned off the camera.

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In another tweet, Daisy said that wasn't the only weird thing going on. Earlier that day, Daisy claimed she was "pushed" down the stairs. "I'm trying to put two and two together and I find it so weird that I fell down the stairs earlier today," she tweeted. "I didn't trip, I wasn’t on my phone I legit just fell down the stairs as if something pushed me..I find it so bizarre and scary now that this just happened."

Apparently, this hasn't been Daisy's first paranormal experience either. Daisy has made multiple videos on her paranormal experiences at her previous residence – on the 13th floor of an apartment block that happens to be opposite a mortuary. Yikes.

Daisy detailed the extent of the spooky goings on in her video "i'm being haunted", where she describes how someone had taken their own life in the building and how one of her neighbours actually drove his car off of the third floor of their apartment block after being unable to break. She was eventually forced to move house after her experience became too much to bear.

Unsurprisingly, some of Daisy's fans were seriously spooked and noted that they saw "orbs" going floating across the camera.

…but others were sure it was staged, blaming the air conditioning and even suggesting she pushed it open with her hand.

Daisy has denied faking the video and she explained why it was recorded in the bathroom, which is a little different from her usual YouTube set up. "I had to review that gift set after I was done with my day hence as to why I was filming so late + Since it’s skincare I had to film in the restroom but I didn’t want to take my huge ring light in there so I used my phone to film," she said.

"You’ll understand once the whole video comes out."

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