What is the d-slur on TikTok? The offensive meaning explained

29 July 2021, 17:27

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

People on TikTok are now educating others on why it is offensive to use the d-slur. Here's what it actually means.

Words and phrases have the ability to go viral on social media within seconds. However, sometimes users get it wrong and start spreading offensive words unknowingly. Case in point, when people on TikTok tried to get other users to say "burgundy sauce" backwards which actually sounds like a racist term.

Now, people are teaching others why it's incredibly offensive to use the d-slur. The d-slur started doing the rounds during Pride Month in June, but it's back and it seems some still need to be educated.

The word is often used among lesbians, but what does it actually mean? Here's what the d-slur really means.

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What is the d-slur?

What is the d-slur on TikTok?
What is the d-slur on TikTok? Picture: Alamy, @urnotsolocalspaz via TikTok

The "d-slur" is another way of saying the derogatory and homophobic slang word "dyke", which means lesbian. It's often used to describe a masculine or "butch" lesbian in particular.

There are multiple theories on where the term originated but it is thought to have derived from "bulldyke" which first appeared in August 1921 and means lesbian.

Although the term has been reappropriated by some lesbians, it's not okay to use you if you do not identify as a lesbian. According to GLAAD, it's best to use the terms gay or lesbian to identify people attracted to the same sex.

Now TikTok users have decided to educate people using and spreading the derogatory term, and they're warning others how it could possibly offend members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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