The internet is losing it over LazyTown's Stephanie making TikToks in costume

15 April 2020, 12:22

The real Stephanie from Lazy Town just did a hilarious TikTok in her costume

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Children's TV show LazyTown began in 2004, and main actress Chloe Lang, who played Stephanie, has been posting nostalgic TikToks in her old costume.

If you weren't obsessed with fictional TV show LazyTown as a kid, you've definitely spent at least some of your post-12-year-old years singing along to the ridiculously infectious songs the four seasons brought us - and unfortunately for those who can't stand bangers such as 'Bing Bang (Time to Dance)', they're resurfacing in all their glory on TikTok.

Oh, and from the actual actress who played leading character Stephanie. Pink wig and all.

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Chloe Lang, who was one of two actresses who took on the pink-haired, all-singing-dancing role, has over 260K followers on the platform, and naturally, as she flourishes into a Gen-Z icon, she's giving the people what they want. And what the people happen to want, is her in her entire old costume, recreating the old LazyTown songs as if Stephanie were in 2020. Sorry, not sorry.

Chloe took on the role of Stephanie for seasons three and four of LazyTown before it ended in 2014.
Chloe took on the role of Stephanie for seasons three and four of LazyTown before it ended in 2014. Picture: Nickelodeon/Chloe Lang via TikTok

Think 'Cooking By The Book' remixed with Lil Jon's 'Step Yo Game Up' and a little more NSFW dance moves than we were witnessing as innocent children. The 'You are a Pirate' routine is officially out of the window.

Originally, Chloe, who played the role for seasons three and four of the show, was just posting regular comedy videos with her boyfriend and friends, before people started to realise exactly who she was - and jumped on the Megan Thee Stallion 'Savage' challenge, declaring 'I'm that b*tch...been that b*tch, still that b*tch' to clarify the speculation.

Since discovering the videos, they've now racked up over 14 million views, mostly from LazyTown era kids that can't believe that Stephanie *actually* grew up...

We're gonna need you to drop 'Spooky Song' ASAP.