People 'cheesing' each other is the weirdest viral trend of 2019 so far

4 March 2019, 17:00

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

People are throwing cheese on babies and their siblings and the viral meme is the year's most WTF challenge yet.

What is cheesing and why are people cheesing babies? If you're not familiar with the art of cheesing, let me get you up to speed. People have been throwing slices of cheese at their loved ones and the internet meme is so popular that even the Jonas Brothers had to get in on the action.

Kevin Jonas got cheesed, but the Jonas Brothers not the only ones participating in the new social media trend.

For reasons unknown, folks have been surprising their babies, pets, and family members by throwing slices of yellow cheese on their faces.

The apparent object of the challenge is to catch the look of surprise once they get hit with the cold slice. These pranksters have been partial to yellow cheese, though there's no "cheesing rule book" that stipulates which kind to use.

Cheesing a baby is certainly a...different kind of internet trend.

"I just cheesed my little brother" is a thing people can officially say in 2019.

And even family pets were pranked.

Not everyone was into the premise of the cheesing pranks, though.

Chrissy Teigen couldn't bear the idea of throwing cheese at her unsuspecting children and we don't blame her!

Throwing cheese at your loved ones is a weird meme, but it's definitely not the weirdest thing the internet has collectively decided to do (remember when people jumped out of cars for the 'In My Feelings' challenge?)

What do you guys think? Are you pro 👍 or anti 👎 cheesing?