Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie may have secretly quit TikTok’s Hype House

20 April 2020, 11:52

Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio do the Say So challenge with their parents

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Hype House members and TikTok sister duo Charli and Dixie D'Amelio are rumoured to have left the creator group, after tensions between members, a lawsuit and the prospect of their own TV show...

With tension brewing in TikTok's biggest creator group, Hype House, rumours are circulating that two key members, Charli D'Amelio and sister Dixie, have already secretly left to pursue their own projects, including a family TV show.

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Charli, who has become the platforms biggest user of all time with almost 50 million followers at the age of 15, along with older sister Dixie, 18, have already said that the D'Amelio family's own reality TV show is currently in the works, and are both signed to major talent agency, UTA, which look after the likes of Mariah Carey and Johnny Depp.

Charli and Dixie are two of the Hype House's original 19 members - one of which, Daisy Keech, quit earlier this month.
Charli and Dixie are two of the Hype House's original 19 members - one of which, Daisy Keech, quit earlier this month. Picture: Jim Spellman via Getty/Hype House via TikTok

In recent weeks, there's been a lot of drama going down in the Hype House, including a lawsuit between co-founders Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou, the break up of Charli and fellow creator Chase Hudson, and Alex Warren being slammed by David Dobrik fans for copying his videos - and everyone thinks the sister duo have ducked out to save their own careers.

The space, which takes form in a mansion in Los Angeles, currently houses 18 TikTok creators, where they make 'around 150 videos a day' and hang out together to help boost each other's accounts.

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The House’s Instagram account hasn’t promoted neither Charli nor Dixie's videos via their stories for some weeks unlike they do for the other members, and photos on the feed including them seem to have become non-existent. In fact, there's been none with either of the girls since 10th March, including in the new merchandise promo shots.

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According to ex-member Daisy Keech, the house stops posting about members it has beef with (something she supposedly experienced first hand before being forced out), so there could be a reason why we're seeing less and less of them - although the account does still follow them both, and members of the house (including ring-leader Thomas Petrou) are commenting on their personal photos.

None the less, there's definitely something fishy going on, and people are determined to find out just what it could be...

Do you think the girls are right to leave the Hype House behind and focus on their own careers?