Casey Frey "stop" memes are going viral thanks to this hilarious 'GOMF' video

7 June 2019, 17:24

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Casey Frey dancing to DVBBS' 'Get Out My Face' inspired the 'stop.' meme...

Casey Frey is behind the hilarious "stop." meme and it's all thanks to a video involving him and DVVBS' 'GOMF'.

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Casey Frey is no stranger to creating amazing, viral content. Ever since he first rose to fame on Vine, he's become one of the most recognisable faces on the internet. After Vine shut down in 2017, the social media comedian has continued to entertain his fans on YouTube, Twitter and other platforms. In fact, Casey is so funny that he can regularly be found at the centre of new memes. And now, Casey has inspired the "stop." meme with a video of him dancing to DVVBS' 'GOMF'.

Check out the funniest Casey Frey "stop." memes below.

The funniest "stop." memes inspired by the Casey Frey &squot;GOMF&squot; DDVBs video
The funniest "stop." memes inspired by the Casey Frey 'GOMF' DDVBs video. Picture: Twitter: @caseykfrey

On May 9, Casey Frey tweeted the phrase: "Get tf out my way type way." alongside an elaborate video soundtracked by the song 'GOMF (feat. BRIDGE)' by DDVBS. In the clip, Casey plays three characters. Casey 1 appears topless chopping wood and dancing. Casey 2 then calls him "dumb" and tells him to stop. Casey 3 then intervenes and joins Casey 1 by dancing with him. It's random, it's hilarious and the choreography is lowkey iconic.

Since Casey posted the video, it's gone on to have over 26 million views. Not only that but fans have transformed two stills from the clip it into a meme. One involves Casey 2 saying "stop." and the other is Casey 1 giving Casey 2 the middle finger for insulting him and belittling him. The meme applies to anyone who won't listen to advice and people are attributing it to the funniest circumstances.

Let's start with one of the most relatable ones.

I think we've ALL experienced this emotion.

This is for all of the mum's out there.

Why is this so accurate?

Siblings can be the worst.

I'm crying.

Families plus booze equals chaos.

It's the law of the land.

Sometimes just booze equals chaos.

To quote Miley Cyrus, our drunk selves can't be tamed.

Insomnia hive assemble.

Late night furniture arranging is a right of passage.

The meme is getting oddly specific.


Like very specific.

Praying for this woman.

Is this even legal?

This is definitely not legal.

In conclusion...

...I'm going to watch the video again.

Casey actually stars in the official 'GOMF' video too.

DVBBS - GOMF feat. BRIDGE (Official Video)

We stan.