Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House? TikTok star confirms departure

17 August 2021, 11:49

Bryce Hall explains why he left Sway House

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House? Here's what he has said.

Bryce Hall has officially moved out of Sway House and it appears he will no longer work with the TikTok collective.

Sway House was formed by TalentX Entertainment in January 2020 and was poised as a rival to the infamous Hype House. Bryce was an original member alongside Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson and Jaden Hossler. Blake Gray and Noah Beck also joined the content creator house following the departure of Jaden, Griffin and Josh, who left to focus on their careers.

Bryce has now announced he's leaving Sway House and he's moving out. Last week, the amateur boxer tweeted: "I left Sway." He then followed it up with a TikTok of the empty Sway House with the song 'Happier Than Ever' by Billie Eilish playing in the background. The song features the lyrics: "You make me hate this city / And I don't talk shit about you on the internet." Bryce captioned the video: "Goodbye sway… never talking to any of u again (maybe some)." Oop.

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Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House?

Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House?
Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House? Picture: Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for LivexLive, @swayla via Instagram

Bryce has revealed why he left Sway House on TikTok Live. In response to a fan who speculated that Bryce had been "pushed" to leave, Bryce responded: "Honestly? I need a friend group that works… I party, don't get me wrong, I party my ass off, but no-one works as hard as me in the group. It's true. I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties. And that's us guys, we party, we grind, we do business shit." Yep, it doesn't sound like things were left on good terms…

After he tweeted that he's left Sway House, a few members unfollowed each other on Instagram. Blake Gray unfollowed Bryce Hall, while Josh Richards unfollowed Jaden Hossler. (This could be because of the messy cheating drama involving Jaden, Josh, Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis…)

And, to make matters even more confusing, Sway House actually broke up in February 2021. However, the Sway boys have been sharing content on their Instagram page as recently as August 4.

Bryce Hall reveals he's moving out of Sway House

TalentX and Sway House co-founder Michael Gruen confirmed to PEOPLE: "If you view Sway as a content collective that lives together and is with each other every day, then yes, it’s over. But Sway was always about a bigger message, and that will never die."

RIP Sway House. Gone but not forgotten.