What does Blood on the Leaves mean? The viral TikTok song explained

3 August 2021, 15:37

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The meaning behind the song 'Blood on the Leaves' which has gone viral on TikTok.

'Blood on the Leaves' by Yvngxchris is currently trending on TikTok but what most users don't know is that the song actually has a very deep meaning.

TikTok isn't just a video-sharing app, it's a platform where music artists can get their songs to really blow up. Lil Nas X famously got his start thanks to his song 'Old Town Road' becoming a viral hit on TikTok. And if your song is used in a challenge? Well, the rest is history. In 2020, both Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion had number one hits after their songs were set to viral challenges.

However, we often don't know the meaning behind the songs we're listening to. Here's what 'Blood on the Leaves' is actually all about.

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What does 'Blood on the Leaves' mean?

What does Blood on the Leaves on TikTok mean?
What does Blood on the Leaves on TikTok mean? Picture: Alamy, @hennybbad via TikTok

'Blood on the Leaves' is currently going viral on TikTok and it's by rising Virginia-based rapper Yvngxchris. It was first uploaded to TikTok in June 2021 on Yvngxchris' old TikTok account, which has now been deleted. Kanye West actually has a song of the same name and using the same sample, which was released in 2013.

'Blood on the Leaves' samples Nina Simone's 'Strange Fruit', which was first recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939. The lyrics come from a 1937 poem called Bitter Fruit by Abel Meeropol in protest of the lynching of Black Americans which were frequent in the South of the US in the 19th and 20th century.

Because of the significant meaning of the song, many don't believe it should be used in challenges on TikTok. Most recently, it's been used as the soundtrack to the 'Posing as my Bodies' challenge which sees users copy the poses of people they know on Instagram.


What are Yvngxchris' 'Blood on the Leaves' lyrics?

(Ayy, 2300 Beats going crazy)
Blood on the leaves

Bitch, I be killin' these beats (Damn)
I got a M16 on my body, I told that lil' n***a to (Freeze)
I got a badass bitch in the crib, lil' ho just get on your knees (Freeze)
I seen that lil' n***a up in the sky, so I just might shoot at the trees
Now we got blood on the leaves
Damn, that's crazy as fuck

And way before I met your mother, boy, I was a virgin, my n***a, she made me a slut, okay (Freeze)
She tried to fuck on that lil' n***a Chris, I said "Baby, just pay me a buck," okay (Freeze)
Shawty said, "Chris, can I hold your stick," I said, "Bitch, is you crazy or what?"
Lil' shawty, you gotta be insane (Blood on the leaves)
If you fuck with my young n***a, aim at his membrane

And lil' brodie, you not gang
And I don't give a fuck bitch, I let my cock hang (Freeze)
Somеtimes, I don't even usе my stick, these fuck n***as don't wanna box mane (Freeze)
And if he act like a bitch, then I might just go pull it out and let the choppa sing, yeah (Blood on the leaves)