Netflix's 'Bird Box' has already inspired some amazing memes

22 December 2018, 14:18

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix's newest thriller 'Bird Box' is inspiring memes about Malorie, Tom, Girl, and the emotional roller coaster fans are experiencing while watching the film.

Netflix's new thriller Bird Box only dropped on Friday, Dec 21, but audiences are already loving the film and getting stressed out over its creepy premise. Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a woman who must survive the apocalypse brought about by an unseen entity that forces people to kill themselves. Along with the intense reactions to the thriller, people are also meme-ing some of the film's harrowing moments.

The film was an emotional roller coaster and it had people feeling shook.

We're not going to lie. Girl was one of the most stressful parts of Bird Box.

When Malorie embarks on the journey to take Boy and Girl to safety in the boat, Girl's stubbornness does prove to be a particularly stressful part of the film. At one point, Girl senses something has gone wrong with Malorie and decides to anchor herself to the boat with a rope and walk onto shore to find her.

The memes about Girl's stress-inducing bravery perfectly sum up you screaming at your TV for her to sit back down.

Malorie: a hero, an icon, spectacular, show stopping...

Tom deserved better. In this essay I will–

Tom's sacrifice at the end of the film hit fans particularly hard. After saving Malorie in the very beginning and growing close to her and the children, Tom protects them one last time after they encounter a group of violent individuals who are able to walk in the world without blindfolds (similar to Gary).


The birds were icons in their own right.

BRB plastering all the windows in my house with newspaper.

Keep those eyes closed!!!!!