The 'Big Dick Energy' Meme Is SO Big That It's Breaking The Internet

27 June 2018, 13:32

Big Dick Energy
Big Dick Energy. Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images // Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images // Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You NEED to see this...

It may have only been around for a mere few days or so but it's hard to remember life before the Big Dick Energy meme.

It is so big that it's presence transcends time and space. Big Dick Energy may have never had a name before but it has existed since the dawn of time. The Big Bang, after all, is the biggest case of Big Dick Energy in history. It did not give any fucks. Followed closely by none other than the one and only Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

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For those of you who are yet to catch up though, here's a little starter course. What is Big Dick Energy? How did it become a meme? Who has Big Dick Energy? The craze rose to prominence with @babyvietcong.

Big Dick Energy as a term is intrinsically linked with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's budding romance. Not long after the two superstars began dating people started speculating that Pete had a big dick and Ariana has since confirmed that it is '10 inches' long. Such is Pete's laidback swagger that he gives off the air of someone who has a big dick and now the internet has begun sussing out who else has Big Dick Energy.

Let these incredible memes be your guide in the wonderful ways of BDE.

Let's start with an excellent definition.


Size doesn't actually matter when it comes to BDE.

It's a feeling, it's a presence, it's a vibe.

In fact you don't even need to have a dick to have big dick energy.

We're not sure about Lindsay but Rihanna is literally the goddess of Big Dick Energy.

You can be animated and still have BDE.

Fashion icons in general both fictional and real. Anna Wintour? Miranda Priestly? Naomi Campbell? All have BDE.

Animals can have it too.

This has lowkey ruined are childhood but it is also true.

Taking down sexist internet trolls with finesse is a great sign of BDE.


Harry Styles definitely has BDE.

Facts are facts.

Asking if you have BDE is a sign that you don't have BDE.

Diplo set himself up for a fall there.

The US time difference means that people aren't able to experience BDE at the same time.

On the plus side we don't see this meme ever going away.

It's a shame that BDE wasn't a commonly used phrase during the time of Sex and the City.

Miranda (well Cynthia Nixon) is exuding major BDE right now.

BDE is definitely going to make its way into a few therapy sessions.

We prefer 'flacid penis energy' but 'little dick energy' will do.

A couple of people are annoyed that BDE wasn't named slightly differently.

A stunning French equivalent.

And finally best of all...

You KNOW it's going to happen.