24 hilarious meme costumes that won Halloween

2 November 2019, 11:12

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From people re-recreating memes to bringing TV characters and viral moments to life, here are all the best Halloween costumes from Twitter.

Ahhh, Halloween. The most wonderful time of year. No finer time to flex for the ‘gram if you ask me.

We’ve seen all the over-the-top and inspired Halloween costumes put together by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster, Ariana Grande and every other celebrity who decided to dress like Billie Eilish this year. But the real winners of Halloween are the ones from on our own timelines.

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Taking inspiration from this year’s best memes, viral moments, TV characters and their shocking TV finales, it was the people of Twitter who really and truly brought their A-game this Halloween.

Here are some of the best meme Halloween costumes of 2019:

Bretman Rock's Songebob and Patrick Halloween costume is hilarious
Bretman Rock's Songebob and Patrick Halloween costume is hilarious. Picture: @bretmanrock via Twitter

I'm sorry but Bretman and Cleo ATE this.

Justine, you're a genius for this.

This is perfect, ya here me? PERFECT.

Don't let the government see this.

Surely this level of commitment qualifies you as the heir to the Dimmsdale Dimmadome fortune?!

The Starbucks cup? AWARD WINNING!

How do you do fellow kids?

If you're not making it a whole production, why are you even bothering?

It's...............the best Halloween costume of 2019.

"You couldn't spell 'ICONIC' if your life depended on it."

The boys are BACK, baby.

Is this the best Spongebob Halloween costume so far? Discuss.


Jasmine Masters, getting her Halloween jush.

Mean Girls costumes? In 2019? Limit will NEVER exist!

I hope Taylor Armstrong is getting royalties from this Halloween.

Charlotte Pickles is 100% THAT bitch.

When will I have the honour of meeting No Face on the subway?

Life action Ratatouille looks amazing tbh.

It's almost been a whole year and Bird Box costumes will NEVER get old.

Shout out to Lakynn, hope you're enjoying Halloween.


This is... the costume I never had. The costume everyone would want. The costume everyone deserves. I don't know a better costume.