Belle Delphine accused of "fetishising rape" after sharing photos of herself being kidnapped

13 January 2021, 11:14

Keemstar supports Belle Delphine after her YouTube channel is banned

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Reinacting kidnapping & r*pe scenarios for entertainment is extremely offensive & disrespectful to people who have legitimately been in that situation."

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains details of rape and sexual assault.

Belle Delphine is being criticised for "fetishising rape" after sharing a problematic images of herself being kidnapped in the woods.

You've probably noticed that Belle's name has been trending on Twitter. That's because the Instagram model and cosplayer shared a controversial image of her "perfect date" on the platform without warning on Tuesday night (Jan 12). In the photos, Belle has tape over her mouth and is tied up in the back of a van. Other images show her being sexually assaulted by a masked man.

Belle's photos were posted without a trigger warning prompting people to call her out for sharing potentially harmful content. Belle has also previously been called out for feeding into pedophillia by deliberately making herself appear younger and her new photos have been accused of reinforcing that.

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Belle Delphine is being criticised for "fetishising rape"
Belle Delphine is being criticised for "fetishising rape". Picture: @belle.delphiny via Instagram

"Romanticising rape to your following of mostly already weird men, presenting as a younger girl is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of posting this," one user wrote.

Another added: "The issue isn’t having this kink, it’s the fact that a lot of males here will see this and think this is normal. They don’t know about the safe words, long discussions, and therapy that take place before engaging in a scene like this. They just see rape."

At first, Belle didn't comment on the backlash, she instead liked tweets in support of her decision to share the images. One of her liked tweets read: "I'm not a fan of Belle Delphine but it seems many people are unaware that rape roleplay is quite common and popular in the BDSM community and studies show that its quite a popular fantasy. Over 60% percent of women report rape fantasies according to said studies."

But later Belle explained why she shared the images in a iOS Notes statement – and she's not sorry for posting them. "There is nothing wrong with enjoying power-play and BDSM where both people are consensual. I think saying because I enjoy consensual non-consent is promoting rape, is the same as the argument that violence in video games promotes violence," she explained.

Belle also said criticism of her dressing like a child is "insane". She added: "I felt like dressing vintage that day and even styled my hair in a beehive that was very common for women of that time. All the clothes I wear are made for adults, so the only thing that people can comment on maybe is the fact I'm wearing a cute dress? It's very confusing for me since I see other people dress like it all the time, if it's about how I genetically look I can't change that and I will not apologise for it either nor will I stop being sexual since I am a sexually active adult."

She continued: "As for people saying I should've used a trigger warning my whole Twitter/OnlyFans have constant themes of kink since I do porn as a job and I will not put a trigger warning on all my posts. Do not follow me if you require trigger warnings before posts. Ps. It was the best sex I've had in months and I'm planning to do it again very soon."