This YouTuber claims he vaped Belle Delphine's $30 bath water

9 July 2019, 16:36

Belle Delphine and Vito YouTube.
Belle Delphine and Vito YouTube. Picture: Instagram:@belle.delphine/YouTube: Vito
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

We're all about recycling and all but this…

YouTubers are always doing the dumbest thing for views but using someone else's bath water to vape with is probably one of the wildest stunts on the platform. Technically it's not just any old bath water, though, it's straight from Belle Delphine's tub.
Instagram model Belle Delphine is selling her own bath water for $30

Basically, the Instagram model (also known as Gamer Girl and Weird Elf Kitty Girl) began selling her bath water to "thirsty" fans at $30 a jar. By the sounds of it, her fans were practically gasping because she sold out of the stuff in just 48 hours. Yes, over 500 jars of her bath water.

The sale of Belle's brew triggered a lot of questions online, like, who is buying it? Why are they buying it? And – dare we even ask – what are they doing with it?!

Well, vaping with it, apparently.YouTuber Vito decided to share a 10 minute review of the "powerful holy elixir" on his YouTube channel, on which he has almost 160,000 subscribers.

In the video, Vito transfers the bath water into his vape using an eye dropper and we can only hope it goes nowhere near his eyes again. He then called his father, brushed his teeth and hugged his pet cat in preparation for the gross outer-body experience.

"Bleurgh! What is this chick bathing in? That's disgusting… fuck," he said after taking an inhale, and coughing A LOT.

Watch Vito's full video here.

I Vaped Belle Delphine's Bathwater

Needless to say, the reaction to the video was... not good.

But wait, after a puff of Belle's magical elixir, Vito was transported to an alternate reality and then it all becomes clear... is he just trolling us!? Well, maybe.

Within the last minute of the video Vito reveals that he bought a jar of artichoke hearts, printed off a matching label, pasted it on a jar and claimed it was the "Gamer Girl" water.

Could he be bluffing because of the hate he received for sharing a photo with Belle's "bath water" on Twitter in the first place? Who actually knows.

However, one thing's for sure, it's time for a little break from the internet...