ASMR versions of iconic reality TV fights are going viral and the memes are hilarious

19 June 2019, 20:40

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Real Housewives to the Kardashians and Jersey Shore, the ASMR edition meme is honestly, truly, literally the best thing to happen in 2019.

There's a new meme on the block and while nothing could possibly claim the crown of ASMR legend LifeWithMaK, the 'ASMR edition' meme is giving her a good run for her money.

From iconic arguments in the Real Housewives franchise to the infamous fights on Jersey Shore, Kim Kardashian's "Don't be f*cking rude!" rant and Alexis Neiers' phone call to Nancy Jo, people have been re-dubbing the scenes with their best whispers. Even that viral sorority recruitment video which has somehow been made even creepier with ASMR.

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If you've ever wanted to hear someone whisper the word 'beast' with such passion into a microphone at close range, you're in the right place. You'll find hundreds more videos on YouTube but for now, here are all the best ASMR edition memes that Twitter has given us so far:

Here are the best ASMR edition memes from Kardashians to Real Housewives
Here are the best ASMR edition memes from Kardashians to Real Housewives. Picture: E!, Bravo

This is honestly the best thing I've ever seen.

ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᵇᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ʳᵘᵈᵉᵎ

Even in a whisper, Tyra still has the girls shook.

If Tiffany Pollard started an ASMR channel, I would watch it.

The Alexis Neiers ASMR remake is the best remake out of all the remakes.

Tag urself I'm Ramona.

The BITING noise! I CAN'T!

I need a dramatic ASMR reading of Snooki's letter next.

I didn't think this cold get any better... but it did.

This is... Oscar-worthy.

"I went for a swim at the beach for GOD'S SAKE!"

Project this on my gravestone.

It somehow got creepier. It really did.

In conclusion... the ASMR edition meme is truly a gift from the meme gods.