WATCH: Harry Styles Brings Stormzy Out On Stage For Surprise Performance At London Gig

20 December 2019, 12:38 | Updated: 20 December 2019, 12:41

Harry Styles and Stormzy gave fans an iconic show
Harry Styles and Stormzy gave fans an iconic show. Picture: PA

Harry Styles shared the stage with Stormzy and it's the duo we all deserve!

Harry Styles is the gift that keeps on giving after he brought out Stormzy to share the stage with him during a London gig.

Capital attended the show, and captured the iconic moment the 'Adore You' singer surprised fans with the 'Own It' rapper.

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Haz took to the mic, announcing: "Please make some noise for Stormzy," and the crowd went wild!

If that wasn't enough, the 'Watermelon Sugar' star also joined in to sing parts of 'Vossi Bop' with Stormz and we are so here for it!

After his set, the South London rapper said: "You see this brother right here, Harry Styles, the f***ing legend. This guy invited me out here to come and perform today.

"They tried to make it a chart battle, it's not a chart battle this is my f***ing brother and can I just say, I want to say this on record, this guy has made a f***ing brilliant album," and we were stanning the entire bromance!

He continued: "Honestly, I want to say one more thing. As much as we know Harry's f***ing massive. Honestly, and I think you guys know this more than anyone, from my heart bro, you're not just a pop star, you're a brilliant artist."

Of course, they hugged it out and fans went crazy, with one tweeting: "This right here made me smile from ear to ear . I'm so thrilled that other artists are seeing what a brilliant talented musician he is . Hats off to @Stormzy for giving him the recognition he so deserves."

"I’m crying . I actually crying . What I would have given to see both of them . The only songs I have been listening to since last Thursday night has been Harry and Stormzy’s album!!!! My world’s colliding and I don’t know what to do with myself watching this omg [sic]," added another.

The artists both dropped their albums, 'Fine Line' and 'Heavy Is The Head' on December 13, so it was adorable to see them share another moment together!

We caught a glimpse of the pair meeting at this year's Jingle Bell Ball, when they ran into each other backstage and promised to link up.

In the clip, we see Stormzy saying: "We got to link up proper when you're ready," and wished each other a good show.

We're so glad they stuck by their word because it was on-stage gold!

You can catch up on their amazing performances at 2019's JBB here.

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