WATCH: Harry Styles Filmed Ziplining And Singing 'Watermelon Sugar' With James Corden

21 November 2019, 08:03

Harry Styles has been filming with James Corden in Los Angeles
Harry Styles has been filming with James Corden in Los Angeles. Picture: Twitter (L); Getty (C); Twitter (L)

Fans spotted Harry Styles singing his biggest hits in a crosswalk during a segment for The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Harry Styles has done a lot with James Corden, in the past - including playing a game of dodgeball, and his own Carpool Karaoke.

However, fans spotted the 'Lights Up' pop sensation performing with James in a crosswalk for an upcoming segment on The Late Late Show.

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On the streets of Los Angeles, Harry Styles was filmed singing the likes of 'Sign of the Times', while ziplining across traffic, as James Corden dragged him by his ankles.

Harry also performed his newest songs from his upcoming 'Fine Line' album, such as 'Watermelon Sugar'. The 25-year-old was joined by several dancers, all with watermelon umbrellas, as he stood upon an illuminated platform.

Many have reported that The Late Late Show advertised the moment with pink flyers, which read as "Live in Concert... HARRY STYLES in the CROSSWALK (at Beverley and Genesee.

"TODAY! He'll DRIVE you crazy!!!" continued the flyer. One driver shared an Instagram Story showing James planting flyers on her windscreen.

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Harry Styles showed off his comedy talents after he did double-duty on Saturday Night Live for the first time; hosting and acting as the musical guest.

During his opening monologue, the star - who previously performed in Dunkirk - referred to his former One Direction band mate as Ringo Starr.

"I'm not in a boyband anymore," Harry Styles quipped, whilst playing the piano. "I'm in a man band.

"I love those guys. They're my brothers. Niall, Louis, Liam and... Ringo," he continued. Many fans deemed this as a joke, while others argued been a public outcry had Zayn have gone on national television and made similar remarks about Harry Styles.

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Harry Styles has joined The Late Late Show for another time
Harry Styles has joined The Late Late Show for another time. Picture: Getty

He recently announced 2020 tour dates in the UK, Europe and America. He actually announced dates of the tour on National Day Of Kindness, which was quickly noted by fans.

Harry is set to perform in the likes of Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, as well as The O2 in London for two nights.

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