WATCH: Harry Styles Gets Pelted In The Groin With A Dodgeball, By Michelle Obama

18 June 2019, 07:48

Harry Styles joined James Corden, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mila Kunis for a game of dodgeball, where Michelle Obama brutally smacked him straight in the groin.

James Corden brought The Late Late Show to London for a third time, where he invited the likes of Allison Janney, Kate Hudson and Game of Thrones' John Bradley to play dodgeball with him.

Harry Styles returned to play, too, after having already taken James on in a match of dodgeball with his One Direction bandmates four years ago.

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The 'Sign of the Times' singer took part on Team UK's side, to go against Team USA, where he was facing Michelle Obama. She later threw a dodgeball straight at him and whacked him in his 1D.

During the match, the Doctor Strange actor, Benedict Cumberbatch - who recently sang Little Mix's 'Woman Like Me' - avenged Harry, by hitting Michelle with another ball.

Harry Styles joined James Corden for dodgeball on The Late Late Show
Harry Styles joined James Corden for dodgeball on The Late Late Show. Picture: Capital

Fans of Harry were also left shook after he was spotted stretching alongside Reggie Watts. "HARRY STRETCHING GIVES ME MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS," wrote one Styler.

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Other guests that appeared on the first episode of #LateLateLondon include Tom Hanks, Gillian Anderson and David Blaine.