Young Bradford People Warn Teens Off Booze

An MC music video made by young people in Bradford is trying to warn teenagers off booze.

The video's been made for Alcohol Awareness week, which runs this week.

The video encourages local young people to ‘take control of your life', not to ‘tear it a part' and ‘if you drink, drink moderate'.

People from all over the world will be able to view video which has been hosted on social media websites such as Facebook and You Tube - Another Way features Jae Depz (Josh Depass), HD (Hassan Ditta), JSN (Jason Lee Baker), Jackus (Jake Kelly).



Coun Imran Hussain, Deputy Leader of Bradford Council said: "This fantastic video harnesses the power of some of our district's incredible young creative talent.

"Projects like this allow local young people to speak directly to other young people in a way they will relate to and understand.”

Josh Depass said: "For some young people, alcohol really doesn't mess about – the harms are serious and wide reaching.

Another Way also doesn't mess about. It explains, in a very direct way, the serious problems alcohol misuse causes.

The song's message is simple: you don't have to get involved in alcohol abuse – there is another way.”