Yorkshire Officer Quits Over Facebook Posts

A South Yorkshire Police Officer quit over facebook posts.

Nationall at least two officers were sacked, seven quit and 150 faced disciplinary action after posting inappropriate photos or comments on Facebook in the past four years.

The South Yorkshire officer resigned following an allegation of improper disclosure of information on Facebook, while others posted inappropriate comments or pictures. 

Officers used the social networking site to harass former partners and ex-colleagues, to comment on others' wives, and to suggest they had beaten up members of the public during protests. 

Some even revealed details of police operations, tried to befriend victims of crime, or were caught in inappropriate photographs, forces said.

Another officer, Pc Nestor Costa, of Devon and Cornwall Police, was fined three days pay in 2008 after he called for suspects to be beaten up in custody. Under a video of a youth with a knife being tackled by officers in a police station, he wrote: ``Look at this stupid c***, hope he gets a good f****** shoeing in the cells.''