Yorkshire Councils Resettle Quarter Of Syrian Refugees They Have Committed To

3 November 2016, 06:00


Capital has found more than 370 Syrian refugees are now living in communities in Yorkshire.

It's part of the government's programme to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. 

Yorkshire councils have agreed to take on 1500 in total. 

Leeds Council have re-homed the most so far. 

Sawsan works with the Syrian Community Of Leeds which supports refugees who've been moved to the city.

She says although they're all very grateful to be safe, the transition can be hard. 

The Number Of Syrian Refugees Who Have Been And Will Be Resettled In Yorkshire 

Council Resettled So Far How Many Committed To In Total
Barnsley  6 people 1 more family
Bradford  52 people No Data Supplied 
Calderdale 17 people  50 people
Doncaster  0 people 20 people 
East Riding 1 family 100 people 
Hull 5 people 100 people
Kirklees  50 people 100 people 
Leeds 100 people 225 people
North Yorkshire 34 people 200 people
Rotherham 5 people 10 people a year for next 3 years
Sheffield  69 people 75 people a year for next 3 years
Wakefield 12 people 100 people
York 21 people 60 people