Capital News Special: Yorkshire Club Drugs.

2 November 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

As a Club Drug Clinic opens in Leeds, Capital has been exclusively speaking to people who use drugs when out partying and how it’s affected their lives.

With 80 new drugs on our streets, there's a warning to Yorkshire clubbers that taking so called party drugs could mean serious damage to your body in the future.

In a Capital exclusive, A Yorkshire clubber's been telling us how his party days turned into a living nightmare.

We've changed his name to protect is identity but he told Capital he had to have half his bladder removed after he started using Ketamine every day.

He tells Capital how it affected his life....

Capital Yorkshire Club Drug Exclusive- Dan's Story.

Dan is now backing a new website run by the Leeds Club Drug Clinic to try and encourage people to get help sooner.

Dr John Roche from the Leeds Drug Clinic says people don't know what damage they can do.

He’s warned Yorkshire clubbers could be gambling with their lives by taking "so called" Party drugs.

Currently on the party scene are three main drugs.

Mephedrone is much more addictive than ecstasy and can lead to mental health problems including paranoia and depression.

Ketamine can also be addictive and can cause irreversible damage to the bladder.

GHB/GBL can be very physically dependent with people experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop.

Leeds Drug Clinic has started work on an app to give more information to people who are concerned about drugs and their drug use.

They have clinics at 19 Springfield Mount, Leeds and the Headingley Medical Centre.

They also run drop ins for students at Leeds Uni and Leeds Met Union buildings - all info on their website.

Check them out at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter