Witness Appeal For Casey Kearney Murder

6 March 2012, 11:36 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police trying to find witnesses for the Casey Kearney murder have realized CCTV images.

13 year old Casey, died on Valentine’s day evening, after being stabbed in Elmfield Park in Doncaster at around 1.18pm earlier that day.

South Yorkshire Police are trying to find the following people who were in Elmfield Park in Doncaster at or around the time of the assault.

The first two people are captured on CCTV and their pictures are below. The man is white, about 6ft tall with brown unkempt hair and possibly in his early 20s. He was wearing light blue jeans, unlaced brown ankle boots and possibly carrying a bag.

He’s with an older woman, who is white, about 5ft 2ins tall and of a slim build. She has either grey or blonde straight hair. She was wearing a black knee-length padded coat, black trousers worn over black boots, with a small heel. She could be related to the man.

This couple walked from the direction of the Salutation Pub towards Elmfield Park. They had previously walked towards town from the direction of the park at 12 noon.

Casey Kearney Witness CCTV Casey Kearney Witness CCTV 1Police would also like to trace a teenage couple who were sitting on a bench on the left hand side path within Elmfield Park. The male teenager was well spoken, had brown hair that was described as Justin Bieber style. His friend was female, also well spoken and had blonde hair.

South Yorkshire Police are seeking three other women. A white woman, with blonde hair, who was wearing a cream or camel coloured sheepskin coat, who was in the area of the park where Casey was being tended to.

The second woman is around 25-years-old and of a petite/medium build. She has mid-length brown hair and was wearing a black coat, which was a three quarter length and tied at the front. She also wore brown boots and a skirt.

The last woman was seen to walk away from the park. She was wearing a pink Barbour style coat with a pattern on the back, a pocket on the left breast and white and blue trousers.

Police are also trying to find a man who was said to be leaning on the memorial outside Elmfield Parkon 14 February and fastening his shoelace. He was wearing a brown knee-length coat, trousers and shoes.

Police are also interested in hearing from anyone who was in or near Elmfield Park and South Parade between 1pm and 1.45pm on Tuesday, 14 February. If you have any information or helped Casey and have not already spoken to the police, please call 01709 443510.