Water Bills Going Up

31 January 2012, 10:14 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Water bills in Yorkshire are set to go up by around £21 a year.

Yorkshire Water have announced the increase - of just over 6% - along with other water companies around the country.

People living further south are likely to be hit harder, with some bills going up by more than 8%.

Southern Water are charging their customers £31 more a year.

The water industry regulator Ofwat says we're still paying for £22 billion worth of improvements nationally. 

Yorkshire Water say customer charges will help to fund a £290 million programme of investment over the next year.

From April 1st, the average water bill in the region is set to increase by an additional £1.75 per month or £21 a year, with the average bill rising to £361.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water's chief executive, said: 
"Whilst the majority of this rise is down to inflation, the remainder of the increase will be used to fund our ongoing investment in Yorkshire, which in 2012/13 will be £290 million.

All this investment will deliver huge benefits, from cleaner rivers and bathing waters and more robust and reliable drinking water supplies, through to a reduction in the number of homes and businesses affected by flooding from sewers during times of exceptional rainfall."