Troubled Leeds Couple in Suicide Pact

A man who saw his girlfriend fall to her death in Leeds told police officers there was no point living without her and leapt after her, an inquest has heard.

23 year old Steven Parker, saw 20 year old Kiran Creevy, fall from a tower block.

He then told two police officers who were trying to talk him down “What is the point if she is dead?”, before leaping to his death, Leeds Coroner's Court heard.

In a 999 call in the early hours of August 30 last year, Miss Creevy, who was also known as “Kizzy” Beecher, told police the couple were going to commit suicide and they had called to make sure their bodies would be cleaned up.

After 11 minutes, officers arrived at the flat, at Clyde Court in the Armley area of Leeds, and tried to persuade the couple to climb down from separate window ledges.

Miss Creevy and Mr Parker told them to back away, before jumping in turn, leaving behind a suicide note.

The court heard Mr Parker had mounting personal problems and had started a relationship with another woman.

But in a statement read out in court, his mother Debbie Cohen said: “Steven's heart was always with Kizzy but he was torn between them. Steven spoke to me about his relationship problems and he wanted to be with Kizzy.”

The court heard Mr Parker was an alcoholic who suffered from depression and anxiety. Toxicology reports showed he was almost two-and-a-half times the legal drink-drive limit on the night he died and had enough paracetamol in his blood to cause liver failure and death.

Coroner David Hinchcliff said: “Steven was a troubled young man beset by problems. He had clearly formed this plan with Kiran. What persuades me that this was a deliberate, intentional act is I believe he could have gone back to safety and unfortunately he chose not to do that.'' The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide for Mr Parker.”