Teenager Locked Up For Injuring Grimsby Girl With Brick

12 September 2011, 15:26 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A teenager who seriously injured a four-year-old girl when he threw a brick at a van in Grimsby was locked up for 12 months today.

18 year old Kallan Richardson, admitted the unlawful wounding of Jersey-Lou Perry, who lost two teeth and suffered other injuries when she was hit in the face with the brick.

Sentencing Richardson to 12 months in a young offenders institution at Grimsby Youth Court today, District Judge Daniel Curtis told him the crime was 'reckless and dangerous'.

Richardson, who was 17 at the time, threw the brick at the Ford Transit van belonging to Jersey-Lou's father, Kyle Perry, after he stopped to remonstrate with a group of youths who had kicked a football at the vehicle as it drove down Rutland Street, in Grimsby back in April.

The court heard Richardson received a 'glancing blow' from the van as Mr Perry reversed in 'panic' and feared he would be run over.

But District Judge Curtis said the crime was not a spur of the moment offence. He said:

'You dislodged a house brick from a wall of an unoccupied house, you picked it up, ran down Rutland Street holding the brick in your hand, you then threw the brick at the van as it was leaving the road.'

The judge said Richardson could not have known there was a child in the van, or the damage or injury throwing the brick would cause, but said:

'It was reckless and it was dangerous.

'You were the only one who involved himself in an act of violence that caused this significant injury to this young child.'

The court heard Mr Perry turned round to see his daughter had been knocked unconscious and had 'blood all over her face'.

Prosecutor Debbie Sanders said: 'At this point, he thought his daughter was dead.'

Richardson told the court he was 'remorseful' and ashamed of his actions.

His mother, Louise Richardson, added: 'We're just really sorry for the family.'

But District Judge Curtis said the crime was so serious, he could only impose a sentence of custody.

Richardson, who was wearing a grey tracksuit and green polo shirt, was told he will serve half his sentence before being released on licence.

His mother kissed him and told him she loved him as he was led out of the court by security guards.

Speaking outside court after the sentencing, Jersey-Lou's mother Laura Mussell said her daughter was still affected by what happened. She said:

'A four-year-old should never have to go through that. She asks questions about it on a day-to-day basis, which means she must think about it a lot of the time. That's not right.

'Normally, she's so outgoing but when I went to see her in hospital, she couldn't speak.

'I couldn't even bring myself to look at her face, she just looked like a completely different child.

'What person would do something like that?'

Ms Mussell said she was 'disappointed' with the sentence.

'Any sentence that would have been given would not have been enough for what he was put me and my family through,

'I am pleased that this incident has finally come to an end and that me, my daughter and my family can now move on.

'The only thing I am thankful of is that my daughter is of a young age and this incident should not have a lasting impact on her life.'

Temporary Detective Inspector Lee Bridgeman, from Humberside Police, said:

'This sort of incident is rare but it has caused a lot of concern in the local area and I would like to thank the members of the public who came forward to help our investigation following the media appeals.

'This incident has had a significant impact on the family of the victim and I would like to also thank them for their co-operation with the police throughout this investigation.'