Sheffield Club Night Stopped Over Gang Fears

An event at the Everyone Centre on Broadfield Road planned for the 11th of February and described as a "Birthday and Valentine's Party" has been refused a licence.

South Yorkshire Police have welcomed the decision of the Sheffield City Council Licensing Committee as officers argued that the event was in reality a "nightclub promotion", and was being widely promoted as such with a charge for entry. 

Superintendent Martin Hemingway said: "We were concerned that this was a full-on club event being proposed at a community centre.  From what we can determine, this event seemed to be the same sort of promotion that experience has shown, will attract people who are intent on pursuing gang rivalries. 

"I am pleased that the committee accepted our concerns over crime and disorder, though I know it will be disappointing for the organisers.” 

Speaking more generally, Supt Hemingway said: "We have become concerned over recent months about how some temporary events and promotions are developing.  We need to be careful to ensure that people who apply to hold these events are as well-organised and accountable as the operators of permanent premises and we will be taking a very positive line to ensure that Sheffield retains its reputation as one of the UK's safest cities."