Pair Guilty Of Killing Disabled Man

18 November 2011, 18:37 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A killer from Barton-on-Humber who stamped to death a disabled man who used a prosthetic leg has been told he faces life in jail.

Roy Bush, 44, was beaten, stamped on and kicked in his flat in Pryme Road, Scunthorpe, in March by Liam Campbell, 26, and Joe Harrison, 27.

Harrison, of Bennett Road, Scunthorpe, admitted murder but his co-accused Campbell, of Kingston View, Barton-on-Humber, denied the charge and was tried at Teesside Crown Court.

He was found guilty after five hours and 54 minutes deliberation by a jury of six men and six women, by a majority verdict of 11 to one.

Adjourning the case for sentence until Wednesday next week, Judge Peter Fox said: "The sentence which is life imprisonment will be passed on the same occasion as that as Joe Henderson.''

Following the bloody attack, Mr Bush's prosthetic leg was removed as he was stripped.

His attackers stole the leg from his home, along with other property including the dying man's mobile telephone.

The leg was later dumped and burned with other items in an area known as Clarky's Wood.

Campbell said his drink had been spiked while socialising with friends, a claim the prosecution dismissed as "nonsense''. CCTV images from a pub showed him acting normally, playing snooker and chatting and later counting out change at an off licence till.

The men will be sentenced at 2pm on November 23.