Leeds, Chapeltown Shooting: Latest

Police investigating the shooting of a man from Sheffield have released CCTV footage of a car that is believed to be linked to the incident.

The small black hathback vehicle is thought to have been used to transport a firearm to the scene of the shooting at Laycock Place in the Chapeltown area of Leeds just before 5am on the morning of Saturday 4 April this year.

Police have released footage which shows the vehicle travelling at high speeds and on the wrong side of Chapeltown Road in the time shortly before the incident.

The car is initially seen travelling at speed north up Chapeltown Road at 4.48am before turning right into Grange Avenue. The car is then captured again a minute later travelling back down Chapeltown Road on wrong side of the road.

Detectives believe the occupants of the vehicle collected a firearm from someone on Grange Avenue or in the immediate area surrounding it before driving along Nassau Place, turning left at the junction with Harehills Avenue and then looping back onto Chapeltown Road.

Since the shooting, detectives have arrested and bailed eight men and are now asking local people to look at the CCTV footage and come forward with any information.

Detective Superintendent Chris Thompson, from West Yorkshire Police's Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: "We have released the footage hoping that it may jog someone's memory who may not have previously realised the potential significance of the car with the shooting.

"We strongly believe the occupants of the vehicle hold vital information about the incident in which a man was nearly killed.

"It is only by chance and the skill of surgeons this man survived and I would ask the people of Chapeltown to come forward, anonymously if necessary, and speak to us.

"There has been a great deal of work achieved in Chapeltown over recent years and incidents like this undermine much of the progress that has been made.

"Looking at the highly dangerous way in which the vehicle was driven through local streets and the way in which the firearm was discharged among a large group of people demonstrates a complete contempt for those living, working, and socialising in Chapeltown.

"If you saw this vehicle in the early hours of Saturday 4 April or you have any information about the shooting please contact the enquiry team. "