Hull Mum Admits Killing Baby

11 November 2013, 15:44 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Hull woman has admitted killing her baby daughter just 5 weeks after she was born.

21 year old Natasha Sultan admitted a charge of infanticide when she appeared before a judge at Hull Crown Court.

Amelia-Lilly was taken to hospital from her home in Welton Grove on October 8 last year with a head injury and later died.

Sultan was due to go on trial for murder but eventually admitted inflicting the injury on her daughter and a plea of infanticide was accepted as the balance of her mind had been disturbed at the time.

Detective Chief Inspector Alistair McFarlane, of Humberside Police, said: 

"Amelia-Lilly died as the result of head injuries, inflicted by her mother in the early hours of October 8 last year.

"Police officers have been in regular contact with Amelia-Lilly's father and his family.

"This is a tragic event, which has been difficult for the family to come to terms with and our sympathies go out to them.

"The police investigation has taken a considerable time to prepare, due to the number of experts who have been consulted. It has been a very distressing case to investigate.''