Family Pay Tribute To Chapeltown Shooting Victim

17 August 2011, 16:27 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The family of Gavin Clarke have paid tribute to him.

The 34 year old died in hospital on Friday 12 August four days after he was shot on Savile Place in the Chapeltown area of Leeds on Monday 8 August.

His family have released this statement:

'The events of Monday 8 August 2011, has had a lasting and devastating effect on our family.

'Gavin was a loving, family centred person; his family meant the world to him.

'It is at times like these that some people make you feel humble; the whole community has been very supportive demonstrating that they too have been affected by the event.

'We would like to thank each and everyone for all their help and support.

'We have nothing but high praise for the police in the way in which they have supported the family and for all their hard work.

'We would also like to express our thanks for all those at Leeds General Infirmary Neuro Intensive Care Ward Six who did everything possible in caring for Gavin.

'This event has created a great void in our lives; it has denied Gavin of many years with his fiance, children, mother and family. It has also robbed the community of a great ambassador.

'We would like the media to now give us time to process what has happened and begin to start trying to piece our lives back together.'

Six people have now been charged in connection with Gavin Clarke's murder- Two men aged 23 and 28-years-old have been charged with murder. Four other people including three men (27,31, 38) and one woman (22) have been charged with assisting an offender.